Australian Trained Clinical Psychologist Kate Ford


Counselling is provided for couples experiencing communication frustrations or complete relationship breakdown, unmatched wants/ needs/ desire/ expectations/ directions, a lack of closeness or intimacy, fertility/ pregnancy problems, relationship transitions, and intercultural issues.

People naturally grown and change, and when this occurs at differing rates or times within a relationship, problems can emerge. This is a challenge which faces every couple at some point.

“The solutions are in the holes”, Robert Taibbi, couples therapist and author. What often appears as the problem in a relationship is really a bad solution to something else beneath it. Sometimes, by exploring the layers hidden beneath, the “holes” are exposed and solutions come more easily into view.

As an advocate for the relationship, I work to enable a space for couples to discuss matters of difficulty in a manner that is respectful and supportive. The focus is on growing the couple’s capacity to communicate honestly and constructively and avoid reliance on less helpful communication patterns and habits.